OED makes grants available to individuals, companies and organizations that will use the money in a way that will further OED's mission of supporting entrepreneurship. Any individual, company, or organization may apply at any time to receive a grant. The business requesting the grant must demonstrate a specific plan to use the money to help create or develop information, tools, systems, processes, or products that will broadly benefit the entrepreneurial community. The entity must commit to contributing significant in-kind labor or services to be eligible.

OED also may give grants to other non-profit organizations that encourage entrepreneurship and that provide education and support of entrepreneurs. These grants are made for a specific purpose in support of entrepreneurship, but do not require the same application process.

All grants are approved by the Trustees at their regularly scheduled quarterly meetings. Funding for grants comes from OED sponsors, Community Leaders and OED community access fees.

Find out what grants or philanthropic programs may be available.