The unique aspect of OED’s purpose and mission is to deliver directly to the entrepreneurial community the things they need so that they may be (more) successful.

It is OED’s core belief that by strengthening the individual entrepreneur their local social community will benefit and the national economy as well.

Strengthen the business.
Strengthen the community.
Strengthen the nation.
In support of this philosophy, OED has created the Local Business Assistance Program (LBAP).

The foundation of the Local Business Assistance Program is the OED community and its skilled and caring members. OED Certified Advisors are professional and philanthropic by nature and understand that they have a responsibility to assist their fellow entrepreneurs.

The Local Business Assistance Program asks each OED community member to give of their time (as much as 4 hours) to answer questions and assist other entrepreneurs… truly, Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs.

To inquire about LBAP availiability for your area, please contact